Lighthouse 2 / RTX Path Tracing Benchmark

The Path Tracing Benchmark is a proof-of-concept rendering demo that produces images using the path tracing algorithm, effectively simulating the paths of virtual photons travelling from the camera to the light (which is an acceptable reversal). The benchmark does so without filtering. The stochastic nature of the algorithm results in a distinctive level of noise, which decreases with additional samples per pixel. Skipping the filtering yields a crisp image, which quickly converges to ‘ground truth’ when the camera is stationary.

For an acceptable level of noise the benchmark needs about 24 photon paths per pixel. On current hardware this cannot be achieved at 30 frames per second. For this reason the benchmark can also render at 8 photon paths per pixel (10 in the March 31 update), or even 2, which is the best option for pre-RTX hardware.

Benchmark: game-like scene of medium complexity, with animated characters, running in real-time on high-end hardware #RTXon.


Beta 1.01, March 31 – download zip package
Beta 0.7, February 26 – download zip package

Older versions:

Beta 0.6, February 23 package.

Source code:

Please visit the Github page for Lighthouse 2, which includes the benchmark project.


  • Mar 31:
    Updated demo, with better frame rate and (much) lower noise level.
    1.01 update: non-stationary noise, bird animation restored.
  • Feb 26:
    Results screen no longer strains GPU.
    Used render core now properly reported for preRTX version.

Additional media

Results on various systems:
(these are for the Feb 26 version – Mar 31 version results will differ)

#GPUusersppavg. fpspeak Mrays/s (primary)peak Mrays/s (shadow)
1stTitan RTXJeremiah848.535,156.046,058.01
2ndRTX 2080 TiJeremiah846.614,907.445,786.04
3rdRTX 2080 TiHuub2416.524,719.665,598.04
RTX 2080 TiLes844.564,605.055,460.17
Quadro RTX 6000 vjPiedPiper 845.054,581.675,551.78
RTX 2080 SUPERNareanda834.983,538.994,217.35
RTX 2080 SUPERdarius2412.223,420.004,032.17
RTX 2080Patrick2412.013,361.643,945.64
RTX 2080wokka2412.353,277.823,958.05
Quadro RTX 5000Max833.943,259.453,837.78
RTX 2080Nick2411.713,239.023,817.65
RTX 2080Kevin2411.063,187.573,716.50
RTX 2080Jacco2411.653,185.163,758.03
RTX 2080Dieter833.783,178.023,751.46
RTX 2070 SUPERAardappel2410.952,834.513,347.35
RTX 2080 MaX-QMèir248.942,517.852,886.91
RTX 2070JeGX291.212,352.702,815.78
Quadro RTX 4000Mauricio823.712,001.062,400.76
RTX 2070 Max-QJacco821.591,945.432,275.24
GTX 1080 Tieejin238.25700.44689.07
GTX 1080Mark J226.81545.03518.87
GTX 1080Frank226.79506.68477.65
GTX 1080mnolp228.45478.44505.73
GTX 1070 TiPrasetya227.07465.42473.19
GTX 1070Resul Çelik 224.66415.05393.53
GTX 1660Osamar223.11395.29368.33
GTX 1070Levi de Koning223.56366.55375.48
GTX 980 Tinuninho1980223.83361.57364.07
GTX 1060OgUrecheK216.22273.74249.05
GTX 970MCAugust215.40249.85231.93
GTX 1060Patrick214.39248.31221.19
GTX 1060 Stefan214.89245.90226.96
GTX 1060Julian214.01226.13205.46
GTX 980MDarius211.96182.10179.29
GTX 1050 TiEBillKill27.93148.04140.81
GTX 750 TiThemperor22.9379.8873.97
GTX 750 TiAsif Ali25.7976.2273.76
GTX 950MJohn24.4666.0661.29
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List is ordered by peak primary rays per second. Send your results.txt (generated at the end of the benchmark sequence) to to get included in this list.

This benchmark uses the Lighthouse 2 rendering engine, which is available from Github.