Announcing CodeMob

This is a quick post to get the beta for CodeMob online. More information will be posted in the near future.

CodeMob is yet another fantasy console, inspired by Lexaloffle’s Pico-8 and Morgan McGuire‘s Nano+Quadplay projects (there’s quite a few more). CodeMob strives to be an actual mobile development platform: a novel full-screen keyboard offers reasonably comfortable source editing on-the-go.

Full-screen keyboard. Not easy to read but great to type on.

CodeMob also has a unique way to share creations. Source code is packed and converted to QR-codes, which can simply be acquired using the camera of an Android device. This means that your code can be in a magazine (how oldskool is that!), in an elevator, or on a billboard.

QR-code. Contains a tiny ray tracer.

CodeMob uses Lua, and an MSX-like environment. That means 320×240 pixels, 6-bit RGB colors (2 bits per color component), tile-based graphics, a font that can be modified. Given the QR-code distribution model, everything needs to be tiny though. Using a 7zip combined with a carefully crafted dictionary code is still limited to about 5k, which is not a lot when you consider that this includes the graphics.

Nevertheless, running WAHa.06×36^SVatG’s Mandelleaves on a phone, tweaking it during commute, is… magical.

CodeMob is currently in beta. Expect some bugs and platform changes. If you don’t mind that, here’s links to the apk, and one to a PC version:


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